Saturday, December 21, 2013

Urgent help requested for Helping the Homeless fighting cold in Muzaffarnagar Camps

Assalamualaikum brothers,

Imagine for a moment, in the chilling winter, if your family & your newborns are without the 
Shelter / A.C., blankets, warm water / Cleanliness / electricity / Toilet / Privacy/ Oven / Food /Clean Water/ medicines. I wish, if each and every recipient of mine contributes to the cause without any excuse and fwd to others , and approach local 
Masjids for fundraising using the flyers and appeals (as stated below).

               There is a serious need for all human beings with a heart, to open their hearts towards the pitiable situation ( as described below) of widows, newborns, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and contribute given the innumerable means available to us ( in form of contribution of money, blankets, provide immediate services as Doctors or Lawyers).
 As per latest news on ibnlive  ibnlive confirms Zakat India as an NGO working on ground , Zakat India seems to be the verified organization working on ground for the victims in relief camps.
I recently talked to Zakat India representative Sir Imtiaz - +919818624930 working there on ground.
For money transfer, There are 2 main modes available ( India Net Banking  or sending cheque in US) both convenient for Indians and US residents.
Please fwd this blog to other groups and get immense help as much as possible.

Some of the multitude of problems faced by refugees in Camps are listed below:-

Watch these videos from ndtv, ibnlive to understand reality on ground, clearing many misconceptions
created by State Govt paid newspapers.

  • At the camp, 40km from Muzaffarnagar town, men uprooted leaving behind burnt homes, lost livelihoods, face a bleak future, especially those ineligible for the Rs 5-lakh UP government compensation.- Piyal Bhattacharjee
  • Life is cheap at the riot victims' camp here. In the past weeks, 11 children have died here; 74 pregnant women, 24 in advanced stages, battle malnutritionand skin disease; children amble barefoot in the cold, some not even in woollens; 85 girls have been married off as their parents thought it was the best way to save honour.
  • “My child died by a snake bite,” said Akbari, the mother of Saadil who succumbed to the snake bite. Five other infants, namely Fatima (4 years), Firdaus (6 days), Zoya (5 years), Firoz (20 days), Umar (9 days) also died in the same camp.
  • This Dec, Muzaffarnagar recorded a biting 0.6 celsius. The Loi camp, roughly the size of half a football field, is pitched under the open sky next to a canal and sugarcane fields. The tents hardly keep out the chill. When the temperature dips, dewdrops leak through the canvas and fall on people sleeping below. "Cold and hungry, children cry all night," says Hanifa Begum.
  • Armaan,3, wears only a cotton shirt and clings to a puppy for warmth. Most sleep on the floor with a sheet or dry sugarcane leaves for a mattress. "Bonfires provide some respite. But the kids are soon cold and crying again," says Gulfam Saifi, a 29-year-old blacksmith from Kharar village. It isn't just the cold that makes the babies cry. "Many ill-nourished mothers find it hard to breastfeed," says Shahnaz. 
  • It's no place for grown-ups either. Some women say they haven't had a proper bath in weeks due to lack of privacy.
  • As sunlight fades, passageways between tents turn into open kitchens. The aroma of spice mingles with goat shit stink. Kids play with dogs. Men and children huddle around bonfires. "The fire is weak. It isn't easy to cook," Shafiqan complains. Tough rotis, sometimes eaten with pickle, form the staple food.
  • Ayesha's mother shakes one of the three small tins that make up her kitchen, hoping it will have some last few grains of sugar. The daily supply of 300 grams milk stopped over a week ago, so the Tea is always black.  Ayesha is four and her mother, 20, can only make her one glass of tea that must be drunk in small sips to last "as long as possible".
  • Little Ayesha moves through a crowd of children to get as close as possible to another fire. She has no shoes, and the fire is the only comfort for her tiny feet. Children claw at one another, trying to get close to the small pile of burning sticks. spark flies on to Ayesha's right foot. She screams and jumps back. A patch of brown skin has come off, leaving a reddening wound. Her mother rushes out with a dupatta and a bowl of water from the tubewell, her tears flowing. "It's a small burn. By morning it will be fine," says her grandmother.
  • small fire of dried leaves and sticks from sugarcane fields burns outside their tarpaulin tent, the only other comfort they have in the cold nights on the open fields.
  • "My 20 day old son died because he didn't have a blanket to cover him," says Murshida Begum who reached the camp with her husband and 4 children when the army evacuated Bhadal, her village in Muzaffarnagar. "Now two of my daughters have pneumonia and there are no cloths to cover them," she breaks down looking in the direction of the fresh graves of the dead children at the edge of the camp.
  •  For a camp of 3000 people, there are only two toilet blocks, now closed, opened for cameras to capture their appalling, over-clogged reality, most refugees use the surrounding fields. Unsanitary conditions of the camp, which pose a high risk, especially to the young. Dr Samir Zainal Abedin told us that he has seen 10-15 cases for diarrhoea . In a worrying conclusion, he says "a senior medical officer has come and told us that this is a kind of viral diarrhoea and can spread very fast and the main cause is unhygienic surroundings, environment. Mainly flies, water mainly."
  • Everywhere in the camp, there are swampy, garbage infested pits. Not far from them, children sift through the dirt looking for tiny pieces of firewood that will help them stay warm.
  • With a new diarrhoea outbreak looming, the icy cold, which has already claimed lives of the very young, still remains a threat. One of the last visitors to the medical tent was a four-month-old baby, crying in distress. "She has severe chest infection,"
References for above

Ways for Donation :-
Net Banking for Indian Bank : 

A/c no 603020100011208 , 


Hans Bhawan, 1st Floor, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg , Hans Bhawan, Branch New Delhi, Delhi - 110002

IFSC Code : BKID0006030

USA residents can transfer money through ECheck ( for Zero interest) or Credit Card to One World Children’s Fund, San Francisco, CA,
as per below
or clicking below.

If sending a cheque, Write on the check "For Zakat Foundation of India". These donations get routed immediately to Zakat India.

Other ways of donations are below. But you have to confirm their ground work before contributing:-



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