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Brown Rice - Benefits ( Diabetes Thyroid Immunity etc)

Assalamualaikum !
             If you want a change for Brown Rice, here is quick information in USA, Della offers Organic Long Grain Brown Rice at Costco, USA. They are USDA certified Organic and delcious
But before you buy, try to read over the cons and challenges with Brown Rice ( e.g. Cooking Time, Taste)

Please read
Brown Rice vs. White Rice: The Big Difference and What it Means for Your Meal!-
Protect/Cure Your Thyroid -  Increase your iodine intake( seafood, Kelp etc) & add selenium to your diet - (e.g. tuna, brown rice or Brazil nuts)
Brown rice - The World's Healthiest Foods -

What Is the Difference Between Brown and White Rice, Exactly?
Brown rice is the whole grain with just the first outer layer (husk or hull) removed through milling. It retains its fiber and germ which contains vital nutrients.
White rice is brown rice that has been milled to remove the bran and much of the germ, reducing fiber and nutrient content drastically. The grain is further polished to take away the remaining layer of germ (called the aleurone layer) which contains essential oils. 

Why Is Brown Rice Healthier?

Brown rice has...
  • Twice the manganese and phosphorus as white
  • 2 ½ times the iron3 times vitamin B3
  • 4 times the vitamin B1
  • 10 times the vitamin B6
Whole grains are important part of any diet and have often been labeled the healthiest grains that anybody can eat. One of those whole grains is brown rice, which is rice that is natural and unrefined. Many people choose to eat brown rice instead of white rice because of its health benefits. But what makes it so healthy?
1. It Lowers The Risk Of Developing Diabetes
Harvard researchers have discovered that eating at least two servings of brown rice per week can lower the risk of developing diabetes. They found that by eating just 50 grams of brown rice a day, the risk of type 2 diabetes can be lowered by 16 percent, while other whole grains, such as barley and whole wheat, can lower the risk by 36 percent.
2. It’s High In Fiber
Brown rice supplies 14 percent of the recommended daily value for fiber, an important nutrient that protects against colon cancer and breast cancer. Fiber tends to latch onto the chemicals that cause cancer and steer them away from the cells in the colon and breasts, preventing cancer from developing in those areas. Fiber also has many other health benefits including promoting cardiovascular health.
3. It’s A Good Source Of Manganese And Selenium
One cup of brown rice contains 88 percent of the recommended daily value of manganese, a nutrient that plays an important part in fighting free radicals. Manganese is part of a compound known as superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant that prevents damage from free radicals created during the energy production process. Manganese is also important for deriving energy from protein and carbohydrates and plays a key role in the synthesis of fatty acids.
Selenium also plays a role in the antioxidant process and can destroy cancer cells and even repair DNA. Selenium is important for regulating the thyroid hormone metabolism and immune system function. Most people don’t take in the proper amount of selenium of which brown rice is a good source – it provides more than 27 percent of the daily recommended value.
4. It Can Prevent Weight Gain
A study conducted by Harvard researchers shows that women who incorporate whole grains, such as brown rice, into their diet were more likely to maintain a healthy body weight. They were also almost 50 percent more likely to not gain weight by eating a diet rich in whole grains.
5. It Can Lower Cholesterol
The oil in brown rice has been shown to lower levels of LDL cholesterol, also known as the bad cholesterol, by up to seven percent. At the same time, a diet high in whole grains can increase the level of HDL cholesterol, or the good cholesterol.
6. It Offers Many Cardiovascular Benefits
Studies have shown that brown rice can have many cardiovascular benefits for postmenopausal women, including slowing the progression of atherosclerosis, which is the build-up of plaque in the arteries, as well as slowing the progression of the narrowing of the arteries. But postmenopausal women aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the heart-healthy compounds in this whole grain. Brown rice also contains plant lignans, which can protect against heart disease and certain types of cancer.
7. It’s A Good Source Of Phytonutrients
Phytonutrients are compounds naturally found in plants that have anti-inflammatory properties and tend to act as an antioxidant. Brown rice is a great source of these plant compounds, especially phenolics. In fact, research has shown that brown rice contains almost as much phenolics as fruits and vegetables.
8. It Reduces The Risk Of Developing Metabolic Syndrome
Metabolic syndrome is a combination of factors that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. This condition is characterized by excess fat in the abdominal area and insulin resistance. Eating whole grains on a regular basis can reduce the risk of weight gain and insulin resistance by up to 38 percent.
9. It Reduces The Risk Of Childhood Asthma
Asthma is a very common condition among children and causes many children to miss numerous days of school. But children who eat plenty of whole grains along with fish can lower their risk of developing asthma by 50 percent. Studies show that fruits, vegetables and even dairy don’t have much of an effect in reducing asthma, but whole grains and fish do.
10. It Promotes Bone Health
Brown rice is a good source of magnesium, a mineral that is essential to bone health. Just one cup of brown rice contains 21 percent of the recommended daily value of magnesium. Most of the magnesium in the body is stored on or in the bones, so to keep a high level of magnesium in your bones, and to reap the other health benefits, eat plenty of brown rice each week.
Rice is a popular menu option in cultures all over the world. It goes well with seafood, chicken, beef and almost any vegetable. It is extremely popular due to its versatility and culinary simplicity. Unfortunately, most people do not stop to find out about the nutritional value of rice. When choosing the type of rice to serve with your meals, opt for the healthy whole grain – brown rice.

A Note of Caution

One main reason brown rice is processed is to increase its storage time. The essential oils in brown rice go rancid after 6-8 months while white rice lasts up to 10 years. So, buy your brown rice in smaller quanties and make sure you're not cooking with a rancid grain. Then again, if you're cooking with any oils, you run the risk..

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Hilal Sighting, Astronomy & Islamic Lunar calendar - Issues and Solutions

Assalamualaikum bros and sisters!
                    This Post is intended to present facts, through knowledgeable scholars and scientists, and is intended only for increasing knowledge and encouraging unity of brothers ( No intention to criticize or belittle any group).
   I am not an Astronomer, nor a religious Scholar, however I've some basic knowledge of Astronomy, and I've created an Intuitive Application for Lunar(Hijri) Calendar as well in past. Please also see for Islamic Most Probable Dates 2013.
 Blog: Islamic Dates 2013: Preventing different /Wrong dates for Essential Events (Ramadhan and EIDs) 
   You are requested to read the post and relevant articles/attachments/videos, and if it looks acceptable, please do share the same with your friends (assuming moral Obligation)!
Any error from my part, please let me know, so that I can correct it.
Any questions/doubts , please let me know, I'll try to get answers from authentic sources.

"Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious." Noble Qur'ân 16:125

"And say: My Lord increase me in knowledge."(Qur'an, Ta-Ha 20:114)
"For him who embarks on the path of seeking knowledge, Allah will ease for him the way to paradise." (Related by Muslim)
"He who calls another to guidance will have a reward equal; to the reward of him who follows him without diminishing the reward of either of them." (Related by Muslim)
"But none will grasp the message except the men of intellect."(Quran 2:269)(It takes only minutes for man of reasoning and who seek knowledge,to grasp the message)

"And He lays abomination upon those who do not reason. (10:100) (Islam is a strong proponent of using reasoning in every affair, and leave aside one's Ego and personal benefits.)

"Say: Bring your proof if you are truthful. (2:111) (Any proposed Truth should be supported with historical/logical/scientific evidence.)

  • Islam is a strong proponent of using reasoning in every affair, considering the dynamics of issues, people face in different places and times.
  • Muslim communities today, on an average find it difficult to keep a balance between Faith, Politics and Science, and therefore we witness disputes and arguments over petty issues that lasts for years. 
    • Those petty issues can actually be solved within minutes, if just each one of us understand dynamics of problems, seek some Basic knowledge in Faith and Science/Astronomy, do some homework, independent research and then sit together for resolutions/agreements.
  • Today biggest challenge is "How to Integrate various Stakeholders "Religious Leaders / Scientists / Social Workers / Political Leaders", and that's achievable, if we all sit together to understand each other.

                  This article is presented to ensure we just got basic knowledge of Astronomy, faith and related issues, so that it becomes easier for us to ponder and   locate the missing pieces, and help improve our standpoint over Hilal Sighting. 

Please find some spare time to go through this video from Salman Zafar Shaikh, Ph.D (Hilal Sighting Committee of North America International Moon Sighting Reports:
  Hilal Sighting & Islamic Dates: Issues and Solution  

Also download His presentation in "pdf" file, if you are good in reading as compared to watching video.

Below are some extracts / facts in Brief format from knowledgeable scholars and scientists.

  • Use Calculations to Negate False sighting, but NOT to completely Replace Sighting
    • Shawwal 1 1432 (August 30, 2011 ). Various news agencies (Al-Arabiya Aljazeera) had reported that the planet Saturn has been mistaken for the Hilal (crescent moon), and this means that what was announced as the first day of Eid al-Fitr was supposed to be a day of fasting, rather than celebrations.
    • The use of Technology(Visibility Curves) to assist in implementing the religious criteria’s is an accepted practice in Islam, however, use of technology is complimentary or supplementary in its scope and technology may not be used to change or replace an Islamic criteria.
  • The Qur’an talks about the visible Hilal with the characteristic shape and NOT “Qamar Jadeed” nor “New Moon” nor “Iqtiran/Mahaq”(Conjunction) nor “Wiladatul-Qamar” (Birth of Moon).
  • Sighting the Hilal is a Fard Kifaayah (Obligation).
  • The Prophet (S) fasted the first Ashura in Medina by the Jewish calendar (Calculated one) (Ahadith). After Ramadan fasting became obligatory, the Prophet (S) followed the Arab tradition of the “sighted moon”. The friction with the Medina Jews started for both the “sighted vs. calculated” start of the lunar month.The Jews started questioning his “Prophet-hood”. (How could he be a (“Nabi”) when he could not even tell the start of the month?) (Tabari and other Tafaasir on “Shaan al-Nuzuul of Aayah 2:189). See further
  • Muslims have been preparing Islamic calendar for hundreds of years , but their fixed dates were never “final” and had to be adjusted by the sighting.
  • A simple way to verify/check a sighting claim is: "Seen at a place X MUST BE SEEN at all other locations west of X within the parabola."
  • Sheikh Yusuf AlQaradawi (Egypt) issued a Fatwa in year 2000 "He who believes in the credibility of the astronomical calculations (to Negate False sighting) and feasted on Eid ( due to false sighting), should fast a day instead of it (make up one missed Ramadaan fast)".
  • Imam Zaid Shakir (U.S.) writes, “It is well-known that the Hilal first appears at a different point in the moon’s orbit each month. This may be over the Middle East one month, over Africa the next, over the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, or over North America. This divergent pattern is a manifestation of the justice of Allah. Eventually, every land will have the honor of first sighting the crescent moon. To fix the timing of all of the Islamic occasions, Ramadan, ‘Eid al-Fitr, Hajj and ‘Eid al-Adha on any one country, year after year, with total disregard of the actual sighting, is an extremely problematic practice.
  • Famous Saudi Aalim and Faqih, Sheikh Mohammad Ibn Salih Al-Uthaimeen tells Muslims about the correct date of Eid al-Adha in N. America to be on 10th Zul-Hijja of North America, and not the day after Arafah in Makkah, as some claim.)
  • The decision of the Saudi government is not only against the established principles of the Hanafi Fiqh, it is also against common sense.... The Saudi government often decides Ramadhan on a single witness and Eid and Dhul-Hijjah on a minimum of two witnesses…(Ahsanul-Fatawa, Volume4/Page 417)
  • Previous Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Bin Baz is reported to have ruled: As for those who say that it is necessary to follow the sighting of Makkah, then let it be known to them, that there is no proof or basis for this in the Qur’aan and Hadith”. (Sheikh Abdullah bin Baz RA AlBa’ath ul Islaaami Zil Hijjah 1399 Hijri)
  • One Islamic basis for "Local sighting", comes from “Hadith Kurayb (RA)” where the report of Hilal sighting from Damascus(Syria) was not used by Abdullah ibn Abbas (RA) for Medina. Indeed calculations show that sometimes it is possible to see the Hilal in Damascus and not in Medina!
    People asked whether Ibn Abbas (RA) would defer to the sighting in Damascus since it was the capital city of the Muslim state , but he said: Each have their own sighting. This is a clear answer to those people by one for whom the Prophet prayed to be a scholar. Needless to say, he was a scholar of high distinction. -
  • "When you see the crescent (of the month of Ramadan), start fasting, and when you see the crescent (of the month of Shawwal), stop fasting; and if the sky is overcast (and you can't see It), then complete thirty days (of Sha'baan/Ramadhan)". This gives a Muslim the flexibility to wait instead of jumping to act upon and accept hasty sightings in Saudi or pre-calculated calendar.

Advancement of Science
      Muslim astronomers in this age of technology are now in a position to calculate the dates for possible/impossible moon sighting. So the validity of sighting claims can be easily verified for correct moon sighting.
     Islamic months begin at sunset on the day of visual sighting of the lunar crescent. Even though visual sighting is necessary to determine the start of a month, it is useful to accurately predict when a crescent is likely to be visible in order to produce lunar calendars in advance and to guide the watchers where to look. Since ancient times, astronomers have tried to predict the likelihood of visualizing the new crescent using different 'minimum visibility criteria'. This should not be difficult as Allah has created the solar system subjected to precise calculations: "… The sun and the moon (are subjected) to calculations." (The Qur’an 55:5)
        Every year the astronomers, the people who know, publish their calculations that predict the first day of Ramadan or Eid with 99% accuracy, but mostly many countries (partiularly MiddleEast) start Ramadan or Eid, one day before the predicted day! Is it possible that the astronomers could be wrong every year? Can the astronomical calculations be so inaccurate for crescent sighting and yet absolutely correct for other phenomena? Eclipses occur always at the same instant that the astronomers predict. Occultation’s too. Stars disappear or reappear at exactly the same second that it is predicted. 
 Qur’an tells us quite clearly that the motions of the celestial bodies are fixed and so are the mathematical formulae controlling them. 

    Presence of 2-3 Groups in West, celebrating EID based on different methods, has some serious ramifications .
    • It demonstrates disunity when brothers in same Time Zone, celebrates EIDs on different days. One group blaming on Fasting of other person, while other group blaming upon Feasting on the day of Fast.
    • Causes arguments/long debates and issues (psychological etc) because both groups don't have sufficient scientific knowledge to settle debates, nor they got patience to listen and understand other's point of view.
    • The argument that Clouds/weather conditions hamper moon vision remains Valid as long as the chosen area is a City or a particular State.But when we focus on the entire Country / Continent, these weather issues/excuses becomes Ir-relevant.
    • if the Moon is supposed to be Visible astronomically, it should be visible to the naked eye, certainly. But, It implies that the criteria used by ISNA/FCNA is not on the basis of Visibility Graphs of Crescent Moon, instead some particular Straightforward calculations.
    • It is understood from Fiqh that any form of Ibaadah is unacceptable before the due time, but is accepted if it is performed later than schedule time due to any valid excuse and the responsibility of fulfilling that ibaadah is discharged. e.g. 
      • Zuhr Salaah 2 min before Zawal will not be accepted under any circumstances at all. But if it was prayed late close to Asar time, it would be accepted and no sin committed if there was a valid excuse.
      • Qurbani can be made on the 11th or 12th, but under no circumstances can it be made on the 9th.
      • If fast or Eid is celebrated before time it will not be accepted, but if there is a delay because of sighting failure of moon, this Ibaadah will be accepted and the responsibility discharged.
      • It's permissible for those who believe in the incorrect early date to still delay and pray Eid on "their second day", Insha'Allaah, since the Eid prayers are permissible on any of the 3 days ? But those who follow the correct date can't pray a day 1 day early after making sure, moon was not sighted.
       Consequences of premature announcements ( in Saudi or elsewhere)
    • Wrong Miqaat (Eid al-Fitr on the last day of Ramadan, and Adha on 9th D.Hijja)
    • Wrong Lailatul Qadr (Night of Power prayers). When do the possible nights of Laylatul Qadr (Nights of Power) fall (since one group’s odd days will be another’s even)? more->
    • Wrong day of Hajj (7th or 8th of D. Hijja, and Eid al-Adha on 9th of D. Hijja)
    • Missing the day of Allah’s forgiveness from Samaa-al-Dunya
    • Invalid sacrifice (on 8th or 9th of D. Hijja)
    • Wrong Tashreeq days (from 8th to 11th, instead of 9th- 13th)
    • Wrong Arafah day fast (on 7th or 8th of D. Hijja)
    • Wrong 9th and 10th of Muharram
    • Missed Ayyam al-Beed, every month, etc. etc.

    Some Basic Knowledge on Astronomy

    • When the Earth, Moon and Sun are roughly in a Straight line, it is the instant of “Conjunction” or the “Astronomical New Moon”. This is completely Dark / Invisible / “no-moon”. This is not the Hilal. 
    • As the Moon moves along further from Sun, it appears to lag behind the apparent motion of the Sun, thus causing the Moonset to be become later and later compared to Sunset, until at optimum angle of separation, the reflected sunlight appears as the Crescent shape Hilal.
    • Angular separation of the moon and sun (vertex angle as seen from earth) and the Moon's altitude Φ above the horizon after Sunset, determines upto 95% chances
      of visibility of Moon in that area.
      • On New Moon , when the S-M-E are in straight line, vertex angle = Zero,  altitude Φ Zero, crescent Size = Zero  ), and moon sets = Sun Set Timing.
      • After 24 hours, vertex angle increases to ~12.2 degree, Φ and crescent Size increases proportionately, moon sets approx 1 hour after Sun Set.
      • After another 24 hours, vertex angle increases to ~24.4 degree, Φ and crescent Size increases proportionately, moon sets approx 2 hour after Sun Set.
      • From above its clear, that with every hour that passes by, the Angular separation,altitude Φ, crescent Size, and the moon-set and Sun-set Difference increases,
        thereby increasing chances of visible crescent, and when the Angular separation reaches a particularly decent value (12-
        15 degree), moon crescent visibility becomes certain.
    • Any place around the earth (closer to the equator) can be the point of first visibility of Hilal. Sometimes India/Pak could see the Hilal first, Sometimes Saudi firstSometimes Virginia, Sometimes California,  All equal likely.
      • Then as we go west of this place (which saw Hilal first), Hilal should be bigger and easier to be seen. Thereon, places on west should see the moon.
    • When Earth rotates from Saudi to California (in 11 hrs = time difference), the Solar date remains same, whereas, when Earth rotates from California to Saudi  (in 13 hrs), the Solar date becomes +1. 
      • So above implies, The chances of the Hilal being seen in California one day before Saudi are quite high. Assuming no false sighting in both place, then out of 24 EIDs,  11 EIDs will witness CA celebrating one Date BEFORE the Saudi, while 13 EIDs will witness Same day ( Saud and CA ) 
      • CA and India are 14.5(time difference) hrs separate. Using same analogy as above, Out of 24 EIDs,  14-15 EIDs will witness CA celebrating one Date BEFORE India and 9-10 EIDs will witness Same day ( India and CA )( and This happens the way it looks, becoz There are authentic moon sighting reports in Indian Subcontinent) 
      • To sum up, "the greater the time difference between 2 regions, greater are the chances of the region in West celebrating EID one day prior to the region in East."
    • The Saudi Calendar as well as the ISNA/FCNA Calendars are not based on calculations for Hilal Visibility, instead they refer "New Moon Dates" Chart.( See this link), and decide the calendar based on certain time range of New Moon( e.g. If New Moon Date < X Time, choose todays date for moon sighting, otherwise choose tomorrow's date).
    • The Calculations for Islamic Dates should be for the Visible Crescent, and not for the dark invisible astronomical new moon (no moon), which is typically one day before the Hilal.
    • Similarly Moonset after Sunset does NOT mean that the Hilal will be visible. (So current Saudi Calendar does not work).
    • 2006 criterion of ISNA/FCNA uses age of the moon (in hours) as the Only or Main criteria (which is actual a partial criteria). However, instead The criteria for Hilal visibility are many e.g.
      • The angular separation between the Sun & Moon at sunset.(preferably 11 degrees+).
      • Time lag: How many minutes the Moon will stay after Sunset.  i.e. Moonset - Sunset.(preferably 40 minutes+).
      • Moon's altitude above horizon at Sunset (preferably 5 degrees+).
      • Twilight factors after Sunset. ( Higher latitudes have longer Twilights after sunsets, so poses problems for moon sighting)
    • Saudi Calendar "UmmUlQura" is currently based on "If the Moon sets after the Sun and conjunction has occurred (even if by just a second), the next day is new month. This is still quite simplistic and often Ahead of Hilal Sighting Possibility by one or two days and sets early expectations. It is substantially worse than what was followed in 1950-1972 criterion! Read further
    • Saudi Calendar's method causes new month to start one or two days ahead of Hilal Sighting, while  ISNA/FCNA Calendarscurrent method causes new month to start either one day Ahead of Hilal Sighting, or the actual day of sighting ( ~50% correct, ~50% wrong).

    Also read
          A. Download the pdf file from  Hilal Sighting & Islamic Dates: Issues and Solution from Salman Zafar Shaikh, Ph.D 
        B. Hilal Sighting in Saudi Arabia: A First Hand Report
    1. Islamic Crescent Observation Project
    2. Hilal sighting committee of North America
    3. Hilal sighting process in Saudi Arabia and its implications worldwide - Salman Z. Shaikh

    6. Moonsighting for the month of Ramadan By Shaikh M. Ibrahim Memon, Darul Uloom AlMadania, Buffalo, NY, USA

    7. Islam, Astronomy, Hilal, New Moon and Cyberspace – Dr. Mohibullah N. Durrani
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    10. Muslims are united to follow the Qur’an and Sunnah, Br.ZaheerUddin,
    11. Response to ISNA’s wrong position by Hafiz Aejaz
    12. Axing of Methodology, By: Dr. Hafiz Abdur Rahman Aejaz
    13. A Refutation to ISNA/Fiqh Council’s Decision
    14. Position Statement by CFCO Intl. Ulema
    16. DHUL HIJJAH & 'EID AL-'ADHA - Zaytuna Institute, By Imam Zaid Shakir

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    Boost your and child's immune system through Probiotics

    Assalamualaikum !

    Our Children are an Amanah (trust) from Allah, so we must be careful with that trust, as we will face Allah one day and answer for the choices we made. 

    Inline image 1

    Fermented Foods Can Help Your Baby Avoid MAJOR Health Problems
    Providing abundant probiotics in the form of fermented foods is one of the most powerful ways to restore your baby's beneficial gut flora. Oftentimes, a commercial probiotic supplement won't even be needed.
    The first fermented food Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends for your infant is raw organic grass fed yogurt (not commercial yogurt from the grocery strore), because it's well tolerated by most infants and children. It's best to make your own yogurt at home from raw organic milk, and start with a very tiny amount.  Once yogurt is well tolerated by your baby, then start introducing Kefir.

    As per US Federal Government, Autism is now estimated to effect 1 in every 88 children.
    Use the resources on this site to learn how to prevent autism today in your child or baby.
    1) Limit vaccines for expecting moms - including flu shots
    Unless an expecting mom is about to enter a high risk area (like remote parts of Asia or Africa), getting a vaccine while pregnant should be avoided. As of 2009, many flu shots have thimerisol (aka: mercury) in the vaccine, which can quickly pass to the fetus and cause major brain and nervous system damage.
    2) Nurse baby for as long as possible
    Breast feeding your baby is one of nature's most proven ways to protect your child from illness. If you don't produce enough breast milk, add non-casein formula to your baby's diet, but continue breast feeding as long as you can.
    3) Eat organic & all-natural foods
    Eating healthy food such as organic fruits and vegetables will go a long way towards keeping your baby healthy. If your child eats meat, check to ensure it is antibiotic free and hormone free meat.
    4) Delay vaccinations
    While vaccinations have done wonders for the world in the last century, it’s helpful to delay vaccinations to a schedule that is less taxing on a baby's immune system. This means no vaccines at birth and then using the 1983 vaccination schedule, which is more conservative than the current schedule. Additionally, break up the MMR shot into 3 separate shots and give them over time instead of all at once.
    5) Limit casein in child’s diet
    Casein is a protein found in milk and dairy products. Mounds of research have found that casein increases autism symptoms. Thousands of children with autism have gotten much better simply by eliminating this protein from their diet.
    6) Limit gluten in child’s diet
    Gluten in a protein found in many grains such as wheat, whey, barley, hops, etc. Similar to casein, gluten has been found to increase autism symptoms and children with autism have recovered by eliminating this protein from their diets.
    7) Limit taking antibiotics
    Antibiotics kill both the bad and the important good bacteria in our bodies. If giving your child antibiotics is necessary, make sure to also give them probiotics at same time. Continue giving your child probiotics for 2 weeks following the end of antibiotic treatment.
    8) Avoid using or being around pesticides

    Amazing Facts About Probiotics

    • Probiotics Fight Cancer, Colds and Constipation
    • ProbioticSauerkrauts Are Responsible For 70% Of Our Immune Response
    • Probiotics Produce Antibiotic Chemicals
    • Antibiotics Nuke Our Body’s Immune System It is well known that antibiotics kill bacteria and can make us better. But what isn’t well known, is that antibiotics also kill our good bacteria. Since probiotics comprise 70-80% of our immune response, antibiotics will kill our immunity.

    • Probiotics Easily Kill Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
               The use of antibiotics can create antibiotic resistant, super bugs. However, probiotics can defeat these super bugs with ease. 

    • Probiotics Will Be The 21st Century’s Antibiotics
    • Probiotics Are Bacteria And Fungi That Make Us Healthy
    • Probiotic Foods Have Been Healing For a thousand years Foods like natto, miso, kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut, kombucha and lassi all have very rich cultural heritages and medicinal benefits.

    • Probiotics Can Decrease Lactose Intolerance
    • Are You Getting Your Vitamins? Better Get Your Probiotics.
    • Vaginal Birth Is Our First Dose of Probiotics
    • Probiotics Are Good For Infants

    Probiotics, bacteria found in yogurt and lesser-known fermented foods like kefir and some vegetables, may help ward off colds in kids, according to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics.

    "Fevers generally do not need to be treated with medication unless your child is uncomfortable or has a history of febrile convulsions. The fever may be important in helping your child fight the infection." - AAP
    American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) Does NOT Recommend Fever-Reducing Drugs
    Above link would discuss
    • The Benefits of Fever
    • Why Medications to Lower Fever are Typically Unnecessary, and Even Harmful
    • When is a Fever Dangerous?

    Boost Your Child's Immune System while Vaccinating (Before and After)

    • Vitamin A. This specific vitamin helps with neurologic health. It also helps regulate the immune system’s response to infections. Some researchers believe it can play a role in protecting the brain from vaccine side effects. Give vitamin A once a day for 3 days prior to vaccines and continue each day for 10 days after.
    • Vitamin C. This anti-oxidant vitamin can help boost the immune system and may decrease vaccine side effects. Give this once a day for 5 days starting on the day of the shots.
    • Taking probiotics on a continuous basis, but especially for a week before and several weeks after vaccinations, can really do wonders for the immune system, and may help protect from the side effects of vaccines.

    Other links of importance.

    How to Protect Yourself and Your Children from the Health Hazards Associated with Medical and Agricultural Antibiotics ( in Humans & Chickens)

    RAW, organic, whole food probiotic formula For Kids Age 3 Months and Older

    There are numerous traditional probiotic foods that are extremely tasty and healthful.
    Middle Eastern Recipes that are Rich in Probiotics
    Alternative Vaccination Schedule - A Viable Option
    Vitamin D is better than ANY vaccine and increases the immune system by 3-5 times

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    Basic Dictates of Love, Mercy and Compassion

    Basic Dictates of Love, Mercy and Compassion


    Prophet Muhammad  said: "The believers, in their love, mercy and compassion for each other, are like a single body; if one part of it feels pain, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever." [Sahīh al-Bukhārī (6011) and Sahīh Muslim (2586)] 

    The qualities of love, mercy and compassion are similar in meaning. There are various ways to understand the difference between them. 

    It might be understood that the difference between these feelings are related to the state of the one who experiences them. Love is an emotion that is felt in the heart for the other person persistently and under changing circumstances. Mercy and compassion, by contrast, are felt towards the other person at times when that other person is in a state of weakness. 

    Alternatively, it might be said that we feel love for those who are our family and friends, mercy for others whom we are able to help, and compassion for those whose misfortunes are outside of our ability to help, and for whom we can only feel in our hearts. In this case, there are three levels of feeling. The most particular is that of love. Mercy comes next, and compassion is the third in ranking. 

    These are just two of the possible ways of distinguishing between the feelings of love, mercy, and compassion. 

    Moreover, these feelings translate into words and actions. The love and affection that Muslims must harbor in their hearts for their fellow brothers should cause them to harbor no malice towards them and to hold no grudges. It should help them to avoid beings suspicious of each other. 

    Compassion dictates that Muslims should share in each other's joys and sorrows. When a Muslim learns of something good that has befallen another, it is an occasion to rejoice. Likewise, the pain of brothers  anywhere in the world who have been stricken by tragedy should be felt. Muslims should feel the pain when their fellow brothers are struck down in the road, when women are being raped or when a country is attacked of hit with a natural disaster. 
    A believing heart cannot help but feel this pain. Indeed, we must feel the pain when any human being, regardless of their faith, is stricken by injustice or misfortune. 

    Grief and commiseration is the least of our obligations towards our fellow brothers  and to humanity at large - in times of hardship. Allah has not commanded us merely to feel grief, but to carry out good works and provide relief. However, such grief can inspire us to noble actions. 

    At the very least, we should pray to Allah for those in need. Praying for them is not a minor thing. Allah might remove some affliction that the Muslims are facing on account of your prayer. Allah commands us in the Qur'an to pray to Him and tells us that he will answer our prayers. "Beseech Me in prayer. I will answer you." [Surah Ghafir: 60] 

    The Prophet  said: "Supplication is worship.[Sunan al-Tirmidhi (2969) and Sunan Abi Dawud (1479)] 

    These inner feelings of love, mercy, and compassion that we are talking about need to be expressed by our words, or they will fade away in our hearts. Like Prophet Muhammad said: "A good word is a form of charity.

    Many people ask for no more than a word of support or encouragement. Sometimes a little commiseration is all that is needed. A person who is stingy with words is a miser indeed. The least we can manage is to speak the truth publicly and offer prayers for our fellow Muslims when we are alone. 

    Today, the media and the virtual world of the Internet give us so many opportunities to make a difference with our words and to impact positively on public opinion. It may be that an idea that begins on television, or on a website, or on Facebook, may ultimately have an effect on the policies of governments, international organizations, and humanitarian NGOs.

    Source: IslamToday - Sheikh Salman al-Oadah 
    Worship in Islam is not limited to the rituals in fact it encompasses a lot more such as:
    • Spending time with the children either to supervise or monitor their studies or even to entertain them;
    • Toiling yourself in order to maintain the economic need of the family
    • Assisting your wife by sharing household chores
    • Leaving others in peace by not disturbing them or creating difficulties for them
    • Rendering assistance to friends or neighbors regardless of race or religion when they are in need
    • To always smile and be cheerful
    • Seeking beneficial knowledge
    • Keeping to oneself the shortcomings of others
    • Sharing of food with neighbors of different religion


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